How to start your production


When you undertake a project planning is essential. Whether it be location scouting, script writing or creating a storyboard… We can help you right from the start of your journey to help maximise budget and produce a quality product. Detailed planning helps to ensure the later stages of production to run smoothly.


Once the planning stage is completed it’s time to crack on with your production. This can be going out on location or capturing content in the studio. Before moving onto the final stage of production it is important to make sure that we have recorded all content which we need for the edit! 


Post production is where all the creative elements are brought together. Each decision made in the edit can affect how your final production turns out; making this a critical stage before your production is finalised. We take everything that was created in the production stage and transform it into your finished product. 

Corporate Advertising, Promotion & Presentation

We offer both the outside broadcast van and the portable production unit for this type of work, the choice being left to you, the client, and the requirements of the event.

On site computer editing is a regular feature these days and allows for a master to be created almost immediately after the event. Whether it’s a highlights package to show delegates after the show or a master to be ready for sale straight after the event we offer on site editing if your project requires.

If space or budget is a constraint then the PPU is the solution to the problem.

Live events, Location Broadcast & Video Streaming

At Cutting Edge Media we’ve been making programmes for over thirty years. Whatever your filming needs, we have the capability and expertise to meet your requirements.

Our client list includes blue chip companies, Satellite Stations, Cable Networks – as well as terrestrial broadcasters and independent organisations who require a programme produced to a high standard – on time – and on budget!

Online streaming & Video optimisation

Video distribution doesn’t stop at broadcast. We have the technology to help you re-purpose your video content across a wide variety of online and interactive media.

If you want to get video into your website, stream a live event or incorporate video material into your business presentations; we can advise and help you along every step of the journey.

Churches & Charities

From multi-camera recordings of conferences in the UK, to overseas filming for charities bringing home the reality of what it means to be a child living in a country where poverty is still the norm and clean water is a rarity.

For over 30 years our skills have helped several charities reach their goal of informing their supporters as well as raising an awareness of critical situations worldwide.

Working alongside your charity, we can lift its profile with video productions designed to make an impact on the viewer. We can create short films that you can incorporate into your own website; to illustrate in pictures what you’re doing to bring about change.

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