Canon's New EOS C70

The Canon C70 is Canon’s replacement for the C100 line, with an all new form factor jamming in Canon’s fantastic dual gain output sensor from the C300 MKIII; the C70 has found itself in an interesting sector of the Canon Cine range.

As avid users of Canon cameras, mainly being C300’s and 5D’s, we are extremely excited and intrigued to try out the C70. The feature packed compact body lends itself to shooting in tight spaces and more run and gun situations; which lends itself to many corporate video productions scenarios.

The C70 also comes with Canon’s new RF lens mount which opens up a new avenue for lens choices. As well as this, Canon’s Dual Pixel Auto Focus adds extremely good auto focus to the C70 which we are already used to from the Canon 5D MKIV.
Digital Camera World summarises their review of the Canon C70 by saying :

The Canon EOS C70 is a superb cinema camera, ideal as both an entry point for those new to this kind of shooting and as a fantastic tool for veteran videographers looking for a compact body to shoot in confined or fast-paced environments – and is particularly well suited for solo shooters.

For documentary filmmakers, news gatherers, corporate videographers and other established shooters who need to work in cramped or fast-paced situations, the C70 packs all the power of the C300 Mark III in a form factor that will enable you to shoot just as efficiently inside a car as you would in a studio. 

Read their full review here:


Overall we are extremely excited to take a better look at Canon’s new compact cine camera and can’t wait to try it out!

For a full in-depth review and tests of the Canon C70 check out CVP’s YouTube full video review:

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